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About us

Assalamu alaikum,

How are you Friends?
Now I briefing "About us". There you read continuesly......

           About us
              Pic-Md Nayeb Ali

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√ My identity

 ★ My Introduction:

 Name-Md Nayeb Ali Akand

 Father's name-Md.Abdul Kayum Akand.

 Mother's name- Late Lebu Mye.

 Address-Village-Moheshpur (Muralipur).

Present Address:-Lebu Mansion,Mohespur Road,Master para,Bisla,

Post Office-Bhendabari-5470


 District - Rangpur



 Religion - Islam(Sunni)

 The color of the blue

 There are spots on the two sides of the identification mark-neck.

 Height - 5 feet 10 inchies

 Chest size: 38 inchies

Blood group: "O"positive (O+)

Date of birth:-31 December,1977

 Wife-: Mst.Mouluda Begum

 Children - three girls (Neela,Neemu and Neesa)

 I am the first of three brothers and sisters.

 The current address is "Lebu Mansion",

 Masterpara, Maheshpur Road,

 Bishala, Bhendabari, Pirganj, Rangpur.

 √ Rank and rank

 ★ Terms and Designations:

 # Assistant Teacher (Mathematics),

 Nidhirampur Junior  Girls High School

 Gopalpur, Mithapukur, Rangpur.

 # Editor,

 Teachers Welfare Association (TWA)

 Bhendabari, Pirganj, Rangpur.

 # Proprietary Members,

 Sunrise Pre-Cadet School,

 Bhendabari, Pirganj, Rangpur.

 # Rural Physician (LMAF),

 Chamber-Neela & Neemu Medicals,

 Zaker Market, Degree College Road,

 Bhendabari, Pirganj, Rangpur.


Favourite colour :Green

Favourite flower:Red Rose

Favourite  Dress:Jeans

Favourite panjabi colour:White

Favourite Dal:BNP

Poet:Kazi Nazrul Islam

writer :Humayun Ahmed

film actress:Shabana

film actor:Alamgir

Voice artist:Andro Kishorganj,Sabina Yesmin


Video Creator,

Blogger, Youtuber and Politics

★ Childhood:

 When I was four years old, a few friends from the village joined the class one at Gopinathpur Government Primary School, Mithapukur, Rangpur. The following year, my financial condition worsened and I moved to Nanabari.  There, I studied in Bandarpara (Ghorikhal) Government Primary School in class two.

 The reason our finances were bad was that my father used to play sports.  After the death of my grandfather, my father took the family to a downturn. Earlier, my ancestors' financial condition was very good. I heard that some foreigners from Noakhali or Faridpur had donated land to their own home. Now, the foreigners belong to the village.

 However, the father of many large-sized minds, everyone in the area knew, now benefited the people.

 And mother.  Mother, mother, I have no comparison.

 After the financial situation worsens, the mother makes a lot of trouble for us.

 However, now I come back to that childhood. I was about to study in Nanabari. There I studied class 2 and 3. Then I came home again and got admission in Gopinathpur school in the class 4 in the class 5. Then I went to Mithapukur to take the scholarship test in the class 5. But I did not get the scholarship.

 ★ Adolescence:

 In the 5th year, Bhendabari enrolled in the class sixes  at two-way high school.

 After that, in the class 8, excluding the clasd 8 at the school and continuing in the class Ten and SSC the study continued continuously.

★Then I pass the SSC 1992.

After admission to the Intermediate at Carmichael College, the study was closed.  Let's pass

 Everyone has a goal in life. Who was to be a doctor? One of my goals was to become a doctor. But he was not able to do so because of financial and ill health. Before being appointed to the Army Second Lieutenant in all the tests, I was rejected in the ISSB.

★I pass the HSC examination in 1995 of  Shah Abdur Rouf College, Pirganj, Rangpur.

★I pass the B.Sc examination in 1997 of that College.

★I pass the LMAF doctors course in 2000.

★I first join the School Anantorampur junior high school, Koloni,Pirganj, assistant teacher(Math.) in 1998.

★I 2nd join present School as assistant teacher at mathematics in 05 January, 1999.

★ I pass the B.Ed in 2002 at National University.

√ Service life :-


B.Ed Scale-2004.

Time Scale -2012.

Friend, Thanks so much for with us long time.Bye.

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